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A product of Rooster Logic which opens a new frontier on how survey should be conducted.

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This is a bit about Rooster Logic…

Data Cleaning. Custom Reports.

A well thought-out process dedicated to documentation of accumulated data can vastly reduce decision-making time. Our software are optimized to dig through the data you have accumulated and continue to gather and present key information needed for your organizational success. We prepare customized reports so that what you have at hand is all you need to present timely, accurate findings to people who matter.


Data Analysis – structured and unstructured

The key to relevant information is asking the correct questions. The answers to such need to be captured and interpreted scientifically to reduce misinterpretation and help make better judgment calls. We help organizations analyze data accurately and in real-time. This reduces project timelines – from initiation to decision making, improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency.


Data Visualization

Visual representation of data has multiple benefits. Not only does it reduce viewing time but is proven to be more effective against multiple pages of complex language and technical jargon. We realize the power of such visuals and help you concentrate data in compelling and complete graphical format that presents a complete picture to key audience.

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