The Karuna Foundation HH Survey

The Karuna Foundation works for people with disabilities. They wanted to do a census of 12 Village Development Committees(VDC) of Ilam and 3 VDC of Jhapa. Along with Rooster Logic as a technology partner with BP Koirala Hospital and Netherlands Leprosy Relief Foundation, we completed a census to find the Mothers Health, person with disability and household survey in health.

The data points were accurate and it has helped plot all the data in the map. In 2016, they are working with Rooster Logic to move out to all the remaining VDCs of Ilam.

REMO provided the day to day report to make sure that not a single household is left on the survey. In the end, as per the prediction of the Statistician, there was a 3% predicted household increase when compared to 2011 national census.