Alternative Energy Promotion Center, Biogas Rehabilitation Project

Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC), Biogas Unit were rehabilitating the units that were build more than ten years ago. The project involved the visit to the Biogas installed houses and capture basic information, status of  Biogas, GEO tag the location and get the picture of the Biogas unit.

A paper procedure consisted of multiple pages of data and a complicated jump along with the digitization process, transfer had a major logistic hassle to manage for the Biogas Unit.

REMO was introduced during the kick off of the project. The required data collection tool was integrated in the mobile phone. A simple training to the supervisors and the masons of the Biogas companies. After couple of hours of training and practical, the data started streaming down from the people who were going to the field to collect the data.

A continuous monitoring was done from Rooster Logic to see the smooth flow of the operation. The data which took more than three months to reach the decision makers started streaming in real time on the end of the day as Internet connection were available. A paper comparison was done for this project wherein REMO stood up as a choice of the user of technology and the Decision Makers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

The intervention allowed the decision makers to predict the time and the quality of the data in the authentic manner with proper validation which was the major problem in paper based methods.

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