REMO Online Manual

Download and install REMO application.

The REMO app can be downloaded and installed on your phone from the link provided on this page. and click “REMO Version 2.9 (Monitoring-New)”

Start the Survey.

Step 1: Phone registration:

Registration locks the enumerator to the phone, so that the data sent to the server can be matched to phone and responsible enumerator.

  • To download the registration form click ‘Get Blank’ indicated by a blank paper with an arrow on the left.
  • Enter the code provided or just click on ok.
  • Once the page loads, select “DeviceRegistrationForm” and click on “Get selected” to download the registration form. Click on Ok.
  • Go to ‘Fill Blank’ and click on the “Registration Form” to fill your details. Survey code is the unique identity or name given to the survey. Note:  The letters in survey code is case sensitive. After entering all the details, mark it as finalized and save.
  • Switch on the internet to send the finalized registration from. On the main screen, click on ‘Send Finalized’ indicated by an icon with a filled paper and arrow on the right. Mark the form and click ‘Send Selected’. You phone will be registered.

Step 2: Form download and use:

  • To download the survey form, click ‘Get Blank’ indicated by a blank paper with an arrow on the left.
  • Enter the code provided.
  • Once the page loads, select the survey form, click on “Get selected” and than Ok to download the form.
  • Once downloaded, go to ‘Fill Blank’ and click on the form name to start the survey.


Answer: For REMO to install you will require version 4.0 or above Android OS
Answer: If you are alerted for “Install blocked”, click on settings then scroll down and check the unknown sources. Browse for the downloaded file once again to install it. Remember that it should be the latest version 1.9 Click the file and press install. Wait for the app to get installed successfully. Click ‘Open’ and you’ll get to the home screen of REMO.
Answer: Please make sure that all survey code is correct and in small letter.
Answer: to see the forms in send finalized section, you need to be online.
Answer: Click on edit saved icon and finialized. You will see the finalized form you wish to edit.
Answer: First GPS reading can take up-to 5-10 minutes, but if it takes too long then switch off the GPS, reboot the phone and switch back on the GPS. For GPS to work, the reading needs to be taken under open sky without any obstructions.
Answer: There are several reasons why data will not show on your phone and they are as follows:

  • You have deleted the data.
  • If you inserted a new memory card then remove it.
  • If you removed the memory card then insert it back.