REMO (Research and Monitoring Software)

Research and Monitoring Software (REMO)

Research and Monitoring Software (REMO) is a product of Rooster Logic which opens a new frontier on how survey should be conducted. It’s a smart phone enabled survey wherein survey can be created in a fly and modified on a go. These survey can be conducted in an offline mode which makes it easier to reach all the corners without INTERNET Connection and can be aggregated as soon the enumerator can login to the Internet. This flexibility gives your organization to operate in REAL TIME which gives quantum leap from your competition.

Since the survey data is aggregated in the central server as soon as the person gets online, the results are converted into “INTELLIGENCE” after plugging to our Algorithms. The data can then be represented into Info Graphics which can reflect the happenings in a very simple manner. This gives you an edge to respond to REAL TIME requirements and change the “HYPOTHESIS” on the go and change the questionnaire and send it to the enumerators.

This allows your organization to respond to the market, people’s sentiments or collect facts in a quickly. With this software, you can align the resources of your organization to get the optimum. If your organization produces multiple products and same machinery are used, it can be used to produce products in a way where optimal order quantity can be executed as per the market sentiments or response to your latest advertisement.
Coming to another segment, REMO can be used to collect data, with geo tagging along with pictures. For example: A vaccination drive can be tagged with baby location and picture which will allow the Health Worker to visit the same location irrespective of the person who administered the previous medicine. This software can also be aligned with multiple agencies so the data can be utilized and used to create a synergetic environment provided the data can be shared. This brings in a central system where organization, government can utilize the data to effectively execute, monitor health systems.

This doesn’t limit to any segment but can work across various requirement of Health, Education, Census i.e. every data collection methods required for National, International operations, surveys can be addressed by REMO. The flexibility and versatility of the system along with the EASE to use at the end user, makes it perfect for a nation/organization/company to use REMO for instilling INTELLIGENCE into their survey/Operation.
The team behind REMO is a patient listener, which allows to learn the pragmatic requirement of clients. This has allowed REMO to grow from a simple solution to a SYSTEM, which goes miles ahead in providing you with better solutions. With each login you find new changes which is incorporated in the system which is possible from your feedbacks, our engineers learning ability of your requirements. You not only benefit from your feedbacks but also us working across the different segment and sectors which allows you to get the best out of each segment and incorporate in your survey and operation.

Thus, we have kept REMO on Software as a Service (SAAS) module which allows you to benefit from the feedback of thousands of people and the upgrading that we do every day following the safest protocol which keeps your survey and data running in a secure manner. SAAS model also saves the cost of acquiring a software which is a huge cost for any organization. There is no huge upgrading cost but just per survey cost depending on the number of survey that you want to take. Thus, REMO gives freedom to explore opportunities with minimal entry barrier and grow with it.

REMO has also got the micro worker module embedded in the system which allows an organization to use the micro worker in the field to fill in the survey and pay per survey which creates an environment where an organization can utilize hundreds of people to do the survey in a few hours’ notice or as per demand. This also allows for the employment generation at the local level and uses the local knowledge of the area to generate the data which is quicker to get than sending someone from other areas.

Apart from REMO, Rooster Logic brings in thousands of hours of combined work experience into re-engineering solutions which makes sense for your organization and your employees.
In a sentence, REMO provides insight and operational efficiency required for effectiveness of your organization while adding a competitive edge.