What / Who is ‘Sukarmi’

Etymologically speaking, the Sanskrit word Sukarmi is derived from the positive prefix ‘Su’ attached to the word ‘Karmi’, which means a worker. Hence, the word represents someone who does good works. Keeping this in mind, Rooster Logic has launched a program called ‘Sukarmi’ for adolescent girls that combines girl empowerment with financial independence. Girls enrolled in this program are also called ‘Sukarmi’s.

How does Sukarmi work

Any adolescent girl (16 – 20 years) can apply to become a Sukarmi. They are provided orientation on how the program runs, and if they are willing to be a Sukarmi post the orientation, they have to carry out a mock survey using an app called REMO. On conditions that they possess a smartphone, parent/guardian consent, willingness and successful completion of the mock survey, they come onboard the program. There are limited seats in each constituency.

Once a Sukarmi, the girls receive customized trainings on a regular basis, that seek to develop their personality and leadership skills. Alongside, they get regular opportunity to opt for and conduct paid surveys / enumeration work at their leisure time.

Depending on their age, they are enrolled in either a 6 month, 1 year or 2 years’ duration. Successful graduates are given a certificate of merit. They also get an opportunity to become ‘Sukarmi Leader’ managing a group of Sukarmi and continue the upward career path to become full-time Cluster Leader and Supervisor.